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  1. The Broken Road by Chette Williams

    The Broken Road by Chette Williams

    Order a personalized copy of The Broken Road.  Tiger Rags will get the author to autograph and personalize your book - simply enter your personalization request in the text box below. Chette will be making a special guest apparence at Tiger Rags August 24th from 2-4pm for the book signing.

    The path to the 2011 BSC National Football Championship had humble begins among the poorest of the poor outside Puerta Plata, Dominican Republic. For 11 Auburn University Football players, this place has a special meaning. Led by team chaplin, Chett WIlilams, the players spent time among the children living in squalor and fighting for their next meal. Little did they know this trip was the beginning of a journey that would change the entire Auburn football team. 

    In Chett's new book he chronicles the highs and lows spiritually and mentally of that championship year.  While a long the way gaining a better understanding of who they were and what really matters in the world. 

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